We believe in quality over quantity

We launched Kinn with the simple mission to bring slower moments into a fast world. Through thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship, our pieces were made to age with grace for years to come. For us, mindful living isn’t just a mantra — it’s how we do business. With careful curation, we work with artisans who’s techniques are passed down through generations. Our pieces are made with

sustainable materials that are kind to the planet, and gentle on our bodies. We bring less to the table so you can have more — more space on your shelves, more room for deliciousness on the table, more time with your tribe. Whatever the day brings — weeknight dinners or lazy Sunday breakfasts, simple snacks or special occasions — our Essentials can do it all, and then some.

Our Philosophy

At Kinn, we believe that thoughtful design creates meaningful moments. So we promise not to clutter your cabinets with one-off pieces you’ll rarely use. Our collection only includes items you’ll reach for every day. Because mindful living should be simple, not stressful.


Your Table Your Time

Our modern lives keep us in constant motion. But what keeps us moving isn’t always what moves us. Our time at the table is our pause button. Meals can become moments and moments can become memories. So grab a plate, pull up a seat, and stay a while.

Finding slow moments in a fast world

Celebrating slow and simple living. We Are Kinn is a collection of interviews, stories and recipes from the people who inspire us — the creatives and influential home cooks who dare to go slow in a fast world.

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