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About Us

What makes something a second quality piece?

Our annual Seconds + Samples Sale is back! We have a roundup of your favorite KINN pieces in all their imperfect glory. For those unfamiliar with our Seconds + Samples Sale, you may wonder why we have this tradition? Read on below...

What makes something a second quality piece?


First, because we believe that these pieces, although imperfect, deserve to be appreciated and embraced for their wabi-sabi spirit. Someone, yes a human person, put the time and effort into creating them, and their nicks and dings tell a story of that handcrafted process. 

Second, sustainability and responsible business practices are what make KINN who we are, and is woven into our DNA, ever since our humble beginnings as a boutique lifestyle shop - Hi K&B fans! In order to pay our makers, craftspeople, and factories fair liveable wages, we must minimize waste in ways that we can.

Lastly, we know some people who would love to own a KINN piece, but perhaps cannot at this time, at full price — but would just as much embrace one of our less than perfect pieces. And to continue to give back in ways that we can, we will be donating 10% of proceeds from this sale to our chosen charity partner, UN World Food Programme. If you are able to contribute further on your own, here is a link to their page. 




What makes a piece a second?

Sometimes in the process of pressing or pulling, firing in the kiln, or being handled on the factory floor, unexpected things can happen. These imperfections and defects are superficial in nature, and do not compromise the integrity of the piece. Here are a few examples of what this may look like.

Pronounced glaze and form deviations. We use a natural oxide glaze which is highly reactive in the firing process. This yields a beautiful array of results. Sometimes a batch is just too far off for us to incorporate into the mix. Other pieces are off here and there, and just don't quite fit in. 

Pitting and blisters. An uneven application of glaze or due to the firing process, this can result in small pinholes or tiny bubbles that solidify at the surface.



Chattering, nicks and hairline cracks. These usually occur during the formation process of each piece. Chattering and nicks happen when trimming or wiping down the soft clay, while hairline cracks can occur when the clay is not formed evenly. 


Samples and one-offs. These are samples we produced during the design process, or dinnerware shipped out as part of our trial program. Stoneware may have minor superficial flatware marks that can be removed with a light scrub of Barkeepers Friend, or in the case of flatware, they may have minor hairline scratches due to the handling process. 



Can I choose which type of second I receive? 

Each piece is highly unique on its own, and we encourage you to embrace the variety. Some pieces have pronounced imperfections, while others are barely noticeable. The pieces shown are only a small selection of what is available, and are not the exact piece you will be receiving.

Can I return or exchange once I receive my order?

All sales from the Seconds + Samples lot are final. Sorry folks, no exceptions. 

But what if it literally broke in half during transit?

Ok, in this instance you will receive store credit, or a replacement. 

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